Destiny Ghost edition sells for $1000+

I think it's fair to say that we all expect Destiny to be extremely popular, it's hugely anticipated by gamers across the globe. There are several 'Limited Editions' coming out of Destiny which gives people to opportunity to spend a bit more on purchasing the game and being rewarded with collectors item's and in-game content.

The Ghost Edition is the most expensive out of all of these, it comes in at a whopping $149 (£140) and includes everything you see in the above picture. If you remember, Wal-Mart have cancelled all of their pre-orders of the Ghost Edition of Destiny, as they were not able to fulfill the demands required.

Since you can no longer pre-order the Ghost edition anywhere in the UK and in the US, people have begun to sell their pre-orders and you will be amazed at the prices that they are reaching! One guy was lucky enough to see his Ghost edition sell for $1025!

This is an extreme example but there are currently Ghost Edition's selling for $600 on eBay, it would appear that if you have one of these on pre-order and would like to make a profit, now would be the perfect time to sell!